We source our two-year aged organic yerba mate from a yerbatera in the Alto Parana that serves as one of Paraguay's largest nature and wildlife preserves, saving 1500 acres of virgin Atlantic rain forest from the ravages of industrial agriculture, which has decimated the natural ecosystem in much of the Alto Parana for the sake of corn and soy.

The yerbatera also provides its workers with

a living wage, as well as housing for their families, and education for their children.

Mi Mate works with the Escuela Agricola de San Francisco in order to provide scholarships for students in need. The Escuela Agricola is unique in that in addition to a traditional high school curriculum, the students spend half of the year learning and working in the orchards, fields, and stables of the school, studying sustainable agriculture, animal husbandry, and land stewardship. The Escuela Agricola aims to foster and educate a new generation of Paraguayan youths, who can guide Paraguay into a  future where they can assert their own economic and cultural independence, securing the autonomy of their labor and capital.