We wanted to discover the true origins of yerba mate for ourselves, and what followed was a journey that led us from the sunny shores of San Diego to Paraguay, the heart of South America. Our travels in Paraguay have taken us from the bustling riverside capital of Asuncion, to the dusty highways of the Trans-Chaco, to the lush rainforests of the Alto Parana. Along the way, we found our teachers in the shade of a courtyard, the lively excitement of a Sunday plaza, and the serene quiet of a roadside gas station.

Everything we do is motivated by a desire to render homage to the lifeways and stories that were generously shared with us during our journeys through the Land of Living Rebellion. That's why we brew our yerba mate the way Paraguayans do: cold-brewed, and infused with aromatic herbs and and citrus. Mint, chamomile, verbena and a splash of lime or pomelo juice are enough to enjoy a cool sip in the company of friends and family, both old and new.

While we can't pass you the guampa just yet, we hope that in every bottle of Mi Mate there's a taste of the closeness and care that we enjoyed in the company of our friends in Paraguay.